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Here is an overview of just some of the issues our principals and consultants have been involved with in the last few years.


In the area of business law, Crisci Associates has represented clients before the Pennsylvania General Assembly, administrative and independent agencies, as well as the United States Congress.

This representation has included direct involvement in such major business issues as Workers’ Compensation Reform, Anti-Takeover Legislation and Electric and Telecommunications Deregulation.

The firm has also successfully advocated client specific legislation such as extending the periods of inspections for industrial boilers. Additionally, Crisci Associates has assisted businesses in obtaining state grants for items such as job training and transportation siting projects.

Health Care

Crisci Associates has many years of experience in the representation of clients on health care issues, from the viewpoints of product manufacturers, insurers and corporate payors.

The firm has been involved in legislation promoting the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries; creating the Health Care Cost Containment Council and the original Certificate of Need Program (CON); and deregulation of aspects of the insurance industry.

Crisci Associates has provided advice and counsel to clients involving the Departments of Health, Public Welfare, Insurance, and Aging. This representation has included such client specific initiatives as obtaining operating licenses and securing grants and contracts.

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