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Tuesday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips 12.3.19

How PA Could Improve Voting, Elections, According To Advocates, Experts

Op-Ed: Philly Doctor Warns Of Hard-To-Count Kids For 2020 Census

Letter: Public Needs To Know Who Their Legislator Works For

Editorial: Lawmakers Get Another Pay Raise, Do Results Match Pay?

Caruso: Braddock Official Launches Primary Challenge Against Progressive Rep. Lee

Full List Of 2019 Pennsylvania Society Political Events In New York City

November State Revenues $1.8 Million Over Estimates; $166.1 Million Over Estimates For FY

Mohegan Sun Launches Online Sports Betting

Editorial: Legislators Shouldn’t Raid Transportation Funds For Other Purposes

Editorial: Limit Car Data Collection, Use

Editorial: State-Owned Universities Need Support As They Rethink Their Mission In Rural Communities

AP: Wolf Goes To Bat To Save 3 Minor League Baseball Teams In PA

Catholic Church, Boy Scouts In PA, NJ, NY Hit With Dozens Of Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Since NJ Changed Law

Allentown Diocese Sued Over Clergy Child Sex Abuse Complaint In New Jersey

NJ Child Sexual Abuse Survivors Take Aim At Harrisburg, Other Diocese As Lawsuit Window Opens

Sisters Able To Sue Over Alleged 1980s Harrisburg Catholic Diocese Child Sexual Abuse

What If Gun Violence Epidemic Treated Like Any Other Contagious Disease?

Philly DA’s Plan To Drop Low-Level Drug Charges In Favor Of Addiction Treatment

Philadelphia’s Public Defenders Decide To Unionize

PA’s Largest Private Charter School Wants To Take Over K-8 In Chester Upland Schools

Op-Ed: Bill Paying For Private Schools Would Save Harrisburg’s Children And Their Schools – Rep. Turzai

Murphy: New Law Restores School Police Arrest Powers

Philly’s New School Police Chief Pledges More Mentoring Of Students

Residents: Pittsburgh Schools Should Spend More On Counseling, Less On Security

State Official: Neshaminy School District Should Stop Using Redskin Name

Editorial: Philly Police Commissioner Search Leaves Philadelphians In The Dark

State Bans Ellwood City Hospital From Admitting Patients

Editorial: PA Should Expand Drug Disposal Pouch Program

Norfolk Southern’s Plan For Double-Stacked Rail Cars In Pittsburgh Heads To Mediation

WITF, PA Post To Expand Newsrooms With Report For America Support To Serve Latino Population


Olson: Dent Says His Fmr Republican Colleagues In Congress Are Disgusted And Exhausted By Trump

Cong. Lamb Says Troops In Afghanistan Are Confident In Trump’s Exit Strategy

Editorial: Keep National Health Insurance Program In Place

ICE Says Philadelphia Let Child Sexual Predator Go Free

Editorial: Welcoming Refugees Now More Work After Trump’s Order

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