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Saturday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips 11.9.19

Voter Turnout Surged Across Philadelphia Region Amid Highly Polarized Electorate

Lehigh County Voters Say Their Ballots Weren’t Secret, Despite Constitutional Guarantees

Turner/Olson: Isolated Voting Failures Dramatize Need For PA To Be Accurate In 2020

Editorial: Voters Approved Victims’ Rights Amendment, Courts Must Decide If It’s Legal

What A Blue Wave Could Mean For SEPTA’s Board

Editorial: Census Fund Still Faces Undercount

Boss Of Delaware County’s Private Jail Accused Of Racism, Abuse Of Power

Better Prison Oversight Overdue Delco Dems Say

Ex-Pittsburgh Priest Guilty Of Sexually Abusing Altar Boy

Harrisburg Man Released From Jail After Decade Of Efforts By Friends, And A Change In Law Signed By Trump

U.S. Marshals Help Police Arrest 71 People In York County

Philly Cops Are Used To Tragedy, But 6 Kids Shot In A Month?

Op-Ed: Media Outlets Could Do A Lot Better Job Of Covering Gun Violence

Report: Penn State Beyond Financial Reach Of Students It Was Created To Help

University Of Pennsylvania Law School Gets Record $125 Million Donation

New PBS Documentary Makes Case That People In Prison Deserve College Access

F&M Students Outraged Over Culturally Insensitive And Racist Photo Circulating On Social Media

Student Protest Forces Postponement Of F&M College Basketball Game

U.S. Dept. Of Education Cancels Loans For 1,500 Pittsburgh Art Institute Students

Editorial: HACC Should Look To NJ On Student Mental Health Services

3 Norfolk Southern Trains Derail In Hempfield; 50 Railroad Cars Jump Tracks; No Injuries

Op-Ed: No One Chooses To Have A Heart Attack, They Shouldn’t Get A Surprise Medical Bill


Cong Cartwright Hasn’t Reached Decision Yet On Impeachment

Op-Ed: Bill Maher And The Fight For Free Speech – Jeffrey Lord

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