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Saturday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips 9.7.19

Op-Ed: Gerrymandering Needs To Stop: Here’s Why

AP-Levy: Wolf To Take Mezuzah From Pittsburgh Synagogue Involved In Shooting To Holocaust Memorials

Editorial: Rep. Kim Galvanizes Community After Shootings Near Middle School

Turner: Liquor Control Board Takes Rep. Burns To Court Over Open Records Request

Turner: New Law Allows Zombie Liquor Licenses To Cross County Lines To New Poconos Resort

Murphy: Auditor General Offers Employee Buyouts In Wake Of Budget Cuts, Warns Layoffs May Follow

Private Charter School Advocates Fume As PA To Charge Fees In Payment Disputes

AP: PA Gets $75 Million More In Federal Aid For Opioid Fight

Op-Ed: Lawsuits Against Big Pharma Not Enough, Consumers Should Change Drug Habits

2 Ex-Homicide Prosecutors Sue Philly DA Alleging Age Discrimination

Pittsburgh Wants To Hire More Black Police Officers, Need Change From Within

Op-Ed: New Book Explains Why Joe Paterno/Penn State Missed Signs Of Sandusky Child Sexual Abuse

Indiana U. Of PA Pot Dealer’s Girlfriend Admits To Laundering Drug Money At Pittsburgh Casino

Coroner: Man Who Died In Dauphin County Prison Had Rare Medical Condition

Op-Ed: Gun Store Owner: Why We Must Stand Up For Our 2nd Amendment Rights

Millersville Adds High-Demand Entertainment Tech Bachelor’s Degree

Broadband: When Maple Sap Starts Flowing In Somerset County, Smart Farmers Need To Go Online

Op-Ed: The Rise Of Municipal Ransomeware Attacks

Editorial: Shopping Malls As Residential Centers?


Vaping-Related Lung Illness Kills 3rd Person

U.S. Health Officials Report New Vaping Deaths, Repeat Warning

Editorial: Deadly Illness Should Persuade Everyone To Stop Using E-Cigarettes

Trump, Jr. Claims Elite Pottstown Boarding School Gave Him Blue-Collar Insight

Editorial: Print Voter Information On The Back Of Lottery Tickets

Editorial: Allow Campaign Funds To Be Used For Candidate Child Care

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