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Wednesday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips

Murphy: Lawmakers Hear Calls For Action On Property Tax Reform

Caruso: Property Tax Elimination Hearing Draws Big Crowd, But Agreement Still Scarce

House Republican’s Plan To Tax Retirement Income Will Be Yanked Without Support Of Seniors

Bartos Tapped For PA State Republican Finance Committee Chair

Pittsburgh Rivers Casino Breaks Ground On $60 Million Hotel

Op-Ed: What’s Legal In College Admissions Is A Real Scandal – Student Body Presidents

Wolf Acts To Ensure Charter Schools Better Serve Students, Taxpayers

AP: Wolf Pursues Changes To PA’s Charter School Rules

Wolf Calls For Charter School Changes That Could Ease Allentown Schools Deficit

After Years Of Gridlock, Wolf Plans Executive Action On Charter School Accountability

Rolling Out Charter School Reforms, Wolf Calls For A Level Playing Field

Charter Schools Decry Blatant Attacks In Wolf’s Plan To Hold Charter Schools Accountable

1 Year After Scathing Clergy Child Sex Abuse Report, Much Has Changed, Much Has Not

Sauro: Catholic School Teacher James Luksik Accused Of Sexual Misconduct With Students

Convicted Kids-For-Cash Judge Turns To U.S. Supreme Court For Relief

Editorial: What Happens Now With Clergy Child Sexual Abuse

Editorial: Adults Should Carry Burden Of Keeping Kids Safe In Schools

Biological Sex Bathroom Policy To Begin This Month In Lancaster County School

AP: DA Appeals Ruling Tossing Out Search After Marijuana Odor

Philly DA Pushes Back On Critics Of His War Criminals Joke

Op-Ed: By Publicizing Distasteful Office Joke, Philly DA Crossed An Ethical Line

Federal Court Hands Truckers Defeat In Turnpike Toll Suit

AP: Chief: Smoke Detectors Lacking At Child Care Where 5 Kids Died

How Much Do Uber’s Ride Services Contribute To Pittsburgh Economy?

Pittsburgh Lobbyist Charged With Defrauding Businesses Of $100,000+

Op-Ed: Hahnemann Hospital Closure Another Canary In The Health Care Coal Mine


AP: Trump Claims Credit For Beaver County Ethane Plant Announced In 2012

Editorial: Immigration Line Longer

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