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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Dinniman Introduces Bills to Better Regulate Fireworks

Murphy: Non-Union State Worker Files Lawsuit Demanding Refund Of Union Fees

Meyer: Pennsylvania’s Big Gun Debate

Caruso: DePasquale Calls For Better Training Of District Judges After 100s Mistakenly Given Criminal Records

Improperly Filed Corry Cases By District Judge Leads To Call For Change

Editorial: Jailhouse Suicides Aren’t Theories, They Happen A Lot

With General Assistance Gone In PA, How Will People Cope?

Editorial: Step By Step, PA Tackling Opioid Epidemic

NPRC, Erie County Task Force Hold Meeting On Community College

Foster Kids Get Tuition-Free College In Pennsylvania

Muschick: Is Anyone In Charge At Allentown School District?


AP-Scolforo: Wolf Wants Answers On 4 Kids Separated From Families By Immigration Officials

Olson: Casey To Hold Aug. 21 Town Hall Meeting In Lehigh Valley

Cong. Doyle On Gun Control, Impeachment, His 2020 Primary

Republican Challenger Accuses Cong. Perry Of Being Insufficiently Pro-Trump

Micek: Biden Holds Commanding PA Fundraising Lead

Op-Ed: What Can We Do About Russia’s Attack On Our Democracy – Cong. Dean

Editorial: Battleground PA Podcasts Will Help Voters Has Out 2020 Issues

AP: Trump To Promote Turning Natural Gas Into Plastics At PA Ethane Plant Today

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