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Saturday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips

Editorial: Why Is It So Hard To Make Voting Easier?

Caruso: Republican Legislators Call For Lebanon County Chair To Resign Over Racist Mailer

Murrysville’s Massive Voting Precincts To Be Split After Court Grants Petition

Micek: Climate Denial, Vaccine Denial? Don’t Lawmakers Have Better Things To Do?

Court Strikes Down $4 Million Grant For Presque Isle Downs

Court PA Supreme Court DUI Ruling Affect Hundreds Of Criminal Cases?

PA Turnpike Worst Toll Evader- Jarrett Stiff- To Pay Up $128,000

Editorial: UPMC For All (Kids)? Get It In Writing

Edinboro U. Trustees Recommend 2 Men To Be Next President

Penn State Trustees OK $69M Football Stadium, $49M Steam Plant, Museum Projects

Penn State’s Proposed $71 Million Art Museum Could Be Largest Between Philadelphia, Pittsburgh

Editorial: Dr. Phil Must Do More Than Apologize To Slippery Rock

Muschick: Measles Outbreak In PA: We Need Vaccine Against Ignorance


Some PA Dems Trying To Turn Down Temperature On Impeachment Talk

AP: Longtime Philadelphia Democratic Political Consultant Gets 18 Months In Prison

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