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Sunday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips

Sports World Fought Gambling But Now Wants Money From It

Erie Gaming Authority Expands Grant Program

Editorial: Gambling: Get’em While They’re Young

Editorial: Education Funding Formula Needs To Apply To All Money

Op-Ed: Eliminate Pennsylvania’s Prevailing Wage Law

Clergy Abuse Victim Says PA Supreme Court Has Intensified Emotional Trauma

AP-Levy: Grand Jurors Were Compassionate During Investigation Into Sex Abuse

Editorial: PA Supreme Court Risks Indicting Itself Over Sex Abuse Report

Sen. Costa Plans Legislation To Address Concerns Surrounding Police

Pennridge 225 Student Helps Plan March For Gun Reform

Gun Control Protesters March Through Philly, Pro-Gun Activists Gather In Suburbs

To Keep Momentum Going, Students Join Forces To March For Gun Laws

Op-Ed: Why Gun Control Legislation Stalls In PA

Gap Between Rich, Poor School Districts Has Grown, Funding Lawsuit Says

Arrests Made After Firework-Throwing Crowd Gets Out Of Hand In Hazleton

Doctors Fear PA’s Looser fireworks Law Will Lead To More Injuries

One Hand On Wheel, One On Phone Still Legal While Driving In PA

Editorial: Din Of 4th Of July Fireworks Did Not Let Up

The Feds

Wilkes-Barre Bishop Reflects On Trip To U.S.-Mexican Border

Philly Mayor Agrees With ICE Protesters

Barletta Asks Trump To Get Tough With So-Called Puppy Mills

Bid To Make Harley-Davidson State Motorcycle Gains Traction

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