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Wednesday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips

AP-Scolforo: Republicans Muscle Judicial Election Change Into Redistricting Bill

Murphy: Proposed Judicial Districts Could Doom Redistricting Bill

Senate Republicans Amend Redistricting Bill With Poison Pill Democrats Say

Senate Struggles Toward Final Redistricting Bill

Murphy: Senate Changes Election Rules For District Judges

Replacing York County’s Outdated Voting Machines

Micek: After Turzai’s Squeeze Play, Senate Panel To Vote On Abortion Ban Bill

Murphy: House Committee OKs Study Of #MeToo Issues, But Some Want Action Instead

Editorial: There’s No Room For Sexual Assault, Even In Jail

Push To Nix PA Statute Of Limitations To Follow Church Sex Abuse Report

House Proposal Expands Vaping Prohibition For Minors

Students Tell PA School Safety Task Force To Listen

AP: Worker Who Threatened To Crash Into School Bus Gets Job Back

PA Supreme Court Rules To Keep Judge On Meek Mill Case

Why A Transgender Woman Was Sent To A Philadelphia Men’s Prison

Editorial: Shootings Are Up In Philly, When Will Elected Leaders Act?

John Baer: Remembering Historic Surgeries For Casey, Specter

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