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Sunday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips

Meyer: Wagner Aims To Ride Lawnmower Into Voters’ Hearts

Op-Ed: The Argument For Gov. Wolf As Change Agent PA Needs

Lawmakers Want To Avoid A Repeat Of State Radio System Failure

Editorial: Deliver State Budget On Time For A Change

Editorial: Don’t Expect True Redistricting Reforms

Op-Ed: Mueller Will Defend Rule Of Law, Republicans Should Too, Gov. Thornburgh

AP: To Get Around Pharmacy Gag Rules, Ask About Drug Costs

Graduation Rates Fall At Some Westmoreland High Schools

Could You Pass A Civics Test?  Try This One

AP: Schools Use Yoga, Meditation To Boost Learning, Ease Stress

Op-Ed: Philadelphians Share Their Stop-And Frisk Stories

Op-Ed: The Court Decision Behind Stop-And-Frisk Still Stands 50 Years After Ruling

Op-Ed: Solution To Stop-And-Frisk Problems In Philly: Abolish It

Editorial: Mayor’s Promise To End Stop-And-Frisk In Philly Got Arrested

The Feds

Casey Hears Concerns About Trump Tariffs On Berks County Farm

Canada Slaps Tariffs On Heinz Ketchup Being Sent North

Cong. Kelly Suggests 3 Debates With Challenger

Op-Ed: Open Letter To Trump On Eagles Visit, Gov. Rendell

Editorial: Decriminalize Pot At Federal Level

Landscapers Contend With Foreign Worker Shortage

Editorial: Report: Immigrants Are Really, Really Happy To Be In Philadelphia

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