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Friday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips

Micek: Will PA Get Redistricting Right? Current Debate Is Not Encouraging

Op-Ed: Close Gerrymandering, Open The Primaries

Fired Worker Sues House Republican Caucus, Claims He’s A Victim Of Corruption

Murphy: Tavern Gaming Still Not Popular Since Legalized In 2013

PA Judicial Nominee Faces Tough Questions From Democrats

Can The Rural Prison Economy Survive The Era Of Decarceration?

Philadelphia Archdiocese Ordered To Give Notes In Clergy-Child Sex Abuse Case

Stringent Probation Rules Cause Many Meek Mills In PA

Op-Ed: We Need All Types Of Colleges, Universities

What State College Schools Are Doing To Keep Students Safe

Foreign Exchange Student Faces New Federal Charges After Delco School Shooting Threat

School Districts Say Their Financial Conditions Are Getting Worse

More PA School Districts Feeling Crunch Of Mandated Expenses

Mayor: Philly Council’s Budget Shorts Schools $200 Million

Philly Parking Authority Battles Uber, Lyft Over State Of Ride Share

Some Skeptical Of Claim Vaping By Teens Isn’t Going Up

AP: E-Cigarette Sellers Turn To Scholarships To Promote Brands

Suicide Rates Increased More Than A Third In PA Since 1999

The Feds

Tariff Wars With Allies Have PA Businesses Concerned

Pew: Immigrants Give Philly A Population Boost

Rick Saccone Grapples With A Complex Legacy

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