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Monday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips

Wolf Takes Road Trip To Promote Medicaid Expansion

Editorial: Ellsworth, Best Choice In Republican Primary For Governor

Editorial: For Lt. Gov: Fetterman, Bartos

Editorial: New Voting Machines Costly, But Necessary

Editorial: Updating Voting Machines Is Essential, But Lancaster Deserves Some Slack

Editorial: Amazon Scouts Have Visited Pittsburgh

Lafayette College: No Indication Online Threat Credible

Geisinger Commonwealth School Of Medicine Graduates 180+

The Feds

AP-Levy: Voters Eye PA’s Wide-Open, Crowded Congressional Races

Energized Dems Size Up Conservative 14th Congressional District

Candidates In 14th Congressional District Weigh In On Issues

Op-Ed: Erie Draws Praise For Welcoming Immigrants, Refugees

Editorial: Casey Adds To Nation’s Scary Tilt

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