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Sunday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips

AP: House GOP To Test Budget-Balancing Plan In Growing Stalemate

Meyer: House GOP Contends With Intra-Caucus Disputes Over Budget Fix

Meyer: Agency Heads Voice Concern Over House GOP Budget Proposal

PennDOT Warns Budget Gap Proposal Could Cut Needed Funding For Amtrak Service

White: House GOP Budget Proposal Is No Miracle

Meyer: State House Sound Bites Podcast

PA State Dems Fall Meeting Recap

Murphy: Faulty Mail Machine Directs 500 Medicaid Notices To Wrong People

State Monitoring Program Reduces Prescription Drug Abuse

Events Set At LCCC To Commemorate 50th Anniversary

How Firms Help Elect, Then Lobby Legislators In Harrisburg

Owing 60K For $20K Loan? That’s What’s Happening To Several Veterans, Elderly

Editorial: Pittsburgh Can’t Rest On Merits To Win Amazon’s Prize

PA Sees 12.5% Spike In People Enrolling In High Deductible Health Insurance

DACA: No Road Map To U.S. Citizenship

Erie Dreamer Hopes For Immigration Reform

Op-Ed: Save DACA In Congress

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