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Wednesday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips

AP: Wolf: Pennsylvanians Will Get Hurt If Budget Isn’t Funded

Wolf Warns Of Painful Cuts If Budget Isn’t Funded

House GOP Budget Met With Skepticism From Democrats, Senate, Wolf

Op-Ed: Time For House Republicans To Act On Budget, Gov. Wolf

House GOP Shows Which Pots Of Money It Intends To Raid To Balance The Budget

Esack: House Republicans Unveil Budget Plan With No Tax Hikes

Thompson: House Republicans Smash Piggy Banks To Solve PA’s Budget Crunch

Break Down Of Special Funds Raided By House Republican Proposal

Vape Tax Brings In Millions And Closes Over 100 PA Businesses

2 More Marijuana Dispensaries Forced To Find New Sites In Southeast PA

Man Used Lyft To Take Temple Student’s Body To Grandmother’s House

Rep. John Taylor Of Philly Will Not Seek Reelection

Philly’s John Taylor Won’t Seek Re-Election To House

Meuser Enters Race For Barletta’s Congressional Seat

$10M State Grant To Help CCAC Build Pittsburgh Job Training

Wolf Announces $20 Million Workforce Training At Allegheny Community College

Police Bust Drinking Party, Charge Nearly 60 Lehigh University Students

Lancaster DA Upset As Fmr Juvenile Lifer Paroled For Woman’s 1992 Murder

Pittsburgh Law Firm Sees Plenty Of Potential Medical Marijuana Work

Op-Ed: My Fellow Conservatives Should Protect Medical Marijuana From The Government

2 Philadelphia Law Firms Announce Separate Mergers

Op-Ed: Rep. Kim’s Minimum Wage Hike Bill A Job-Killer

Lancaster Woman Uses Amazon To Give Local Firms Global Platform

Philadelphia Port Sees Continued Growth In Imports

Olson: PA Legislators React To Trump’s Move To End DACA

Northeast Legislators Split On Decision To Dismantle DACA

Southeast Lawmakers Hit Moderate Notes On DACA

Smucker, Toomey Agree With Trump DACA Needs Legislative Change

PA Residents Join National Outcry Over Rescinding DACA Program

Lehigh Valley Immigrants Make Voices Known On End Of DACA Program

Demise Of DACA Program May Impact Northeast Colleges

Companies To Offer Dreamers Legal Protection As Trump Scraps DACA

Editorial: Revive The DREAM

Editorial: Save The Dreamers From Trump’s Politics

Challenges Persist In Funding Election System Upgrades

Editorial: Stepping Up Electoral Cybersecurity

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