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Tuesday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips

State Treasurer: State Funds Would Hit Zero This Month Without Line Of Credit

Editorial: PA Budget Act Is Like Watching Clown Car Headed Off A Cliff

Most States Replenish Their Rainy Day Funds, PA, Not So Much

PA Rainy Day Fund Could Cover 1/10 Of A Day’s Expenses

Lebanon House Member Pushing Property Tax Elimination

Cong. Costello Leads Incumbents In Fundraising

AP: Ex-Cong. Fattah Appeals 10-Year Prison Term

AP: Appeals Court: Junenile Lifer’s 26-Year Sentence Illegal

AP: ACLU Again Threatening Harrisburg School District Over Refugees

Murphy: DiSanto Wants To Bring Next Generation Of School Vouchers To PA

Will PA Doctors Participate In Medical Marijuana Program?

Many See Medical Marijuana As A Wonder Drug

The Serious Business Of Medical Marijuana

Preparing For Medical Marijuana Industry Has Learning Curve

Editorial: Lawmakers Should Approve Minimum Wage Increase

Editorial: Congress Don’t Block Federal Digital Logs For Trucks

Op-Ed: Immigration Exclusionists Will Undermine Our Economy

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