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Tuesday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips

Murphy: House Speaker Turzai Seeks GOP Support To Run For Governor

When Politicians Get Credit Just For Thinking About A Run

Wolf Talks About His Accomplishments, And His Jeep

Murphy: Did Sen. Wagner Commit A Crime In Taking Video Camera?

Senate Republicans Seek Audit Of DNC Convention State Funds

Wolf Supports Investigation Into DNC Spending

Wolf, Rendell Spar Over DNC Convention Surplus

PA To Choose Appellate Judges In Primary Election

Editorial: Inquirer Election Endorsements

Editorial: Voter ID Laws Make It Harder For Minority Citizens To Vote

Op-Ed: State-Owned Universities Gateway to Opportunity

Lincoln U. Picks North Carolina Provost As New President

Op-Ed: $15 Minimum Wage Is A Job Killer

Op-Ed: 41 Million People Deserve A Raise In Minimum Wage

AP: PA Launches New Effort To Fight Prison Recidivism

State Council Aims To Help Inmates Reacclimate To Life Outside Prison

Wolf, Shapiro Tout Program to help Prisoners Reenter Society

Powell Challenges Release Of His Net Worth In Kids For Cash Case

Editorial: Lancaster Court Deserves Credit For Expediting Cases

PA State Officials Assess Ransomware Threat

Judge Orders Uber Not To Use Self-Driving Technology Taken From Waymo

Dent Will Try To Protect After-School Programs Trump Wants To Cut

Personal Stories From Unauthorized Immigrants Around Philly

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