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Thursday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips

F&M Poll Shows Approval Ratings Still Down For PA Politicians

Trump Holds PA Base In Latest Poll, But Will He Give Dems Midterm Election?

Poll: PA Voters On Marijuana: Legalize It, Dude

Murphy: Probe Into Sen. Wagner’s Scuffle Handed Over To AG

McKelvey: Sailboats, Lobsters, Donald Duck, PA’s Most Gerrymandered Districts

The Future Of The Democratic Party In PA May Hail From Trump Country

Philly Mayor: Legal Pot Should Be Sold In PA Liquor Stores

LCB To Auction 50 Expired Liquor Licenses

LCB Manager Caught At Casino During Work House Can’t Have Job Back

ACLU Says Senate Body Camera Bill Restricts Public Access

Senate Committee OKs Review Into Rape Kit Testing Standards

Op-Ed: Time To Fix Civil Forfeiture Law Once And For All, Sen. Folmer

Editorial: Choosing The Right Judge Is No Simple Task

Esack: House Changes REAL ID Bill Putting PA In Tough Spot

School Lunch Shaming Bill Drafted In PA Senate

Appellate Court Hears Argument In Allegheny County Juvenile Lifers Case

Campaign For Qualified Judges Vets All 52 Judicial Candidates

Op-Ed: Philly DA’s Office Is Under Siege

New Program At Beaver County Community College Prepares Students For Jobs At Ethane Plant

AP: Temple Prof Sues FBI Agent Over Espionage Arrest

Op-Ed: Are College Students Getting The Attention They Deserve?

Council Grills Philly School Leaders On Suburban Students Taking Prized Slots

Pittsburgh’s American Eagle Seen As Suitor For Rival Abercrombie & Fitch

Plymouth Meeting Rolls Out 2 New Entertainment Retailers

PA Leads U.S. In Bank Branch Closings

Hillman’s $800 Million Fortune Will Largely Benefit Pittsburgh

Camp Hill Enacts LGBTQ Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

PA Republican Lawmakers At Odds Over Comey Firing

Toomey Thinks The Timing Is Unfortunate Comey Firing

Smucker: Comey Dismissal Raises Serious And Legitimate Questions

Montco-Reared Deputy U.S. AG Who Recommended Firing Comey

Op-Ed: Ignore Democrats’ Hysterics, Trump Made Right Call On Comey, Lord

Obamacare Working Well PA Officials Tell U.S. Senate

Murphy Meets Privately With Constituents To Discuss Healthcare Bill

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