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Monday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips

Wolf’s Budget Boosts Minimum Wage To Cut Medicaid Costs

John Baer: Readers, Lawmaker React To Legislative Budget Challenge

Editorial: Legislature Shades Surplus, Should Be Audited

Editorial: Optimistic Wolf, Legislature Can Resolve Property Taxes, Pensions

AP: PA Primary Features Appeals Court, Local Contests

PA Courts Urged To Discipline Justices More Strictly, Transparently

Op-Ed: It’s Up To Us To Clean Up Philly’s Act

Op-Ed: If Blacks Don’t Vote For Philly DA, We Have No One To Blame

Community College Effort Seeks Erie City Council’s Support

Cosigning Your Kids’ Or Grandkids’ Student Loans?  Think Twice

Editorial: Paying Off Student Debt Is Hard Enough

Editorial: Who’s Unsafe On College Campuses?

Pay-To-Play Philly, Pennoni Knows Where To Draw The Line

Retailers Like REI, Dansko Say You Can Do Good And Make Money

Luzerne Authority Railway Up And Running

Op-Ed: Federal Concealed Carry Reciprocity Wrong For PA, Country

Democrats Hope To Flip Marino’s Congressional Seat

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