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Sunday PA Capitol Digest NewsClips

AP: PA Republican Lawmakers Sobering To Huge Budget Deficit

Could Sands Casino Sale Seal The Deal For Online Gambling In PA?

Editorial: Marijuana Legalization, Pot Of Gold For PA

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Eyes Penn Twp Spot

Braddock Looks To Medical Marijuana For Economic Boost

State Universities Draw From Shrinking Pool Of Students

Erie Schools Crisis Spreads Anxiety, Anger

Op-Ed: In Jury Box, Facing Up To Truth And Consequences

New Mortgage Fee Could Provide Demolition Funding For Erie

Watch The Demolition Of Sears To Make Room For Dicks At The Capitol City Mall

Why Trumpcare Could Hit PA Medicaid Patients Hard

Medical Students Rally In Philly For Single-Payer Health Insurance Option

Op-Ed: Trumpcare Is Proof Republicans Have Ditched Fiscal Responsibility

Amid Fears Of ICE Raids In HBG, Businesses Catering To Latinos See Downturn

Editorial: Trumpcare Bad News

Op-Ed: PA Charter Day A Reminder Of Where American Greatness Began

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